Math for Hats - Friday, April 28th 9:30 - 12:30 (3 hr. class)

Math for Hats - Friday, April 28th 9:30 - 12:30 (3 hr. class)

Math for Hats - Friday, April 28th 9:30 - 12:30 (3 hr. class)

This course is intended to help knitters at all levels adjust and add sizes to an existing pattern, or to start from scratch to design their own hat. You'll begin by learning how to swatch in the round. discuss gauge, different levels of ease including when negative/positive ease are appropriate with a variety of stitch patterns, and how to use available standard sizing and even estimate yardage. You will look at all basic hat shapes including beanies and berets, and also discuss some accessories like earflaps and embellishments. finally, you will look at the various construction methods and how they suit for the hat inside your head. the math for hats booklet is a required material for the course, we will work our way through the entire book, including practicing with both the gauge and yardage worksheets.


Required skills:
-cast on
-knitting in the round
-basic increasing & decreasing
-the course is perfectly suitable for beginning knitters

Required materials:
-math for hats booklet (or e-book) 
-yarn and appropriately sized circular or double pointed needles at worsted gauge or heavier, this yarn should either be scrap yarn or yarn for a hat project you are ready to get started on. you will not be able to reuse this yarn after we swatch with it so plan appropriately and make sure you have enough extra yardage.
-basic calculator (or your smart phone), pencil, scrap paper
-knitters tools like scissors, darning needle, measuring tape
-an open mind about some easy math and a little bit of patience with yourself